PC or Mac versions: Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop in EPS, TIFF, AI formats. Scanned art must be 600 DPI or better and all fonts and/or placed images must be included and ‘Converted to Outlines’ (or curves) prior to e-mailing. You can also send a CD disk containing art work. Touching up or reconstruction of art will incur a minimum $45.00 art charge, a fax printout must be sent at time of email with Purchase Order. Acknowledgements: we send via fax or email. Please advise your email address when placing imprinted orders.

Changes to order and/or artwork: submit by fax and confirm verbally with factory. If work or services are already performed on the order, additional costs may incur.

Must be at least 400% larger than actual size for proper computer scanning. If camera ready black & white PMT is sent, it must be at least 400% larger than actual size. Art charge will apply if artwork is not camera ready or type setting is required at our art department discretion. Art touch-up of emailed art or general art touch-up: $45.00 minimum charge. Typesetting $15.00 minimum charge.

Designs and trademarks herein are for the sole purpose of displaying our imprint capabilities. They are not intended to represent endorsements by the individual companies, nor are they for sale.

Our normal production time of most products is 10 business days. Playing cards and other special order item(s) are not associated within the normal production timeline.
All products are FOB La Verne, California.

Normal     10 Business Days
Rush     5 Days = Multiply 1.3 times, 4 Days Multiply 1.6 times, 3 Days = Multiply 2.0
Expedited Rush     2 Days = Multiply 3 times. 1 Day Multiply 4 times (Please Call)


For artwork files that are too large to email, please use our file upload service

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