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Why Custom Projects?

Custom is different from sourcing. DON’T LOGO SLAP!

Sourcing entails the search for an item, at the lowest price. It is usually more about the pricing than it is about customer loyalty or even quality. Sourcing is just another form of logo slapping!

Custom projects create a higher perceived value for the “brand”. This empowers the product to build brand recognition and loyalty. In addition, custom products are catered to the brand and give that “exclusive” and unique emotional response. Beyond will conduct extensive R&D, to ensure it understands the brand, functional uses of custom products, proper design, efficient manufacturing production, regulatory compliance, and logistics. Ultimately “Custom Projects” are more profitable, reduce inventory risk and help build a stronger relationship with the end customer.

The Beyond Efficient Method


This begins with understanding the cultures of East and West, as well as the brand and target consumer. Beyond then digs deeper and asks you the right questions leaning to an understanding of your specific needs. We accurately convey your product vision to our network of Chinese factories. Beyond speaks their language, both literally and figuratively, so nothing is lost in translation.


Beyond puts itself in the manufacturer’s shoes. This empathetic approach informs our design philosophy, so when we design products, this approach ensures we’re matching your budget & requirements. By understanding the needs of you and your customer collectively, we will create product functionality designs that will meet your approval.


Beyond has built strong relationships with a network of manufactures. When combined with our design philosophy and capabilities, we are MORE efficient in producing your custom projects on time and within your budget.


Beyond has vast expertise in international ocean shipping and domestic transit. We are able to deliver products more efficiently shortening delivery time and saving you money.


Our Services

Beyond Accolades

Beyond Manufacturing offers AWARD WINNING custom product services.  Our efficient solutions are inmatched in the industry. Whether its to create, design, manufacture or ship, our motto is, “if there is a will ther is a way!” Let us help you EXPAND your business.

For over 16 years in the US market, Beyond maintains the biggest the highest level of rating in quality and services

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